The Many Feelings of Christmas

I love Christmas! I love the traditions that accompany the season. Christmas traditions have remained the same in my family for generations. They are constants. There is comfort in the dependability and the sameness. Even though I come from a diverse background of Mexican and Italian, my parents have always given us traditions from both … Continue reading “The Many Feelings of Christmas”

Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season…

I’d like to spend some time focusing on Thanksgiving. That’s right, Thanksgiving! Yes, I know that the official American holiday falls on the fourth Thursday in November, not the third Monday. So, yes, I know that I’m a week early. But I’d like to begin to offer some thoughts on Thanksgiving, even though we won’t … Continue reading “Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season…”

Halloween in the Treasure Valley!

Halloween is only a couple weeks away! It may seem like you still have a lot of time left to plan that memorable Halloween party or make your own costume but to be honest it sneaks up on you quicker than you know. Whether you are going to a concert, bar, corn maze, or special … Continue reading “Halloween in the Treasure Valley!”

The BOM Crew at Magic Sword!

Brandon surprised me with two VIP tickets to see Magic Sword at the Knitting Factory, I guess bringing him all those doughnuts and large coffees paid off. I was torn as to who I wanted to bring with me on this electro journey as I know many love Magic Sword. After hours of consideration I … Continue reading “The BOM Crew at Magic Sword!”

Working Hard At The BOM!

The Boise Online Mall has had a pretty busy month so far! Aside from our daily tasks here at the BOM we had the opportunity to present at this year’s 2016 Idaho Business & Technology Expo hosted at The Riverside Hotel by IBL Events. Scott, Jessica, and Paola got to speak about all the great … Continue reading “Working Hard At The BOM!”

Valentine’s Day in Boise

With Valentine’s Day there always seems to be this added pressure of getting the perfect gift and finding the most romantic spot for dinner. Here’s the thing, we are all super busy with life. Running the kids to their recitals and friends’ houses, going grocery shopping, doing your taxes, changing the oil on the car…. … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day in Boise”